Dragon’s Back and a Big ‘Ol Burger

Having fully recovered from our trek in Vietnam, we were more than ready to tackle one of Hong Kong’s surprisingly vast hiking options. We settled on Dragon’s Back, a ridge located in Shek O Country Park, because it didn’t look too difficult and had some nice views.

The hike began in a cemetery with a lot of stairs. Like, a lot a lot of stairs. I bow down to the fit Hong Kong people three times my age who were leisurely doing this hike.IMG_5684 We had a nice view of the cemetery from the top of the stairs, before we even got to the actual trail.IMG_5686We ambled along pretty easily for awhile, but the stairs came back. By the time we reached the summit of the ridge, we were huffing and puffing.IMG_5692 IMG_5695 IMG_5696 IMG_5707Our views were a little smoggy, but impressive nevertheless.IMG_5710 IMG_5713Instead of doubling back the way we came, we decided to head down the other side of the trail and catch the bus to Shek O Beach. Unfortunately for us, we caught the bus in the wrong direction and headed right back to where we began.

Sweaty, tired and ravenous, we grabbed a quick shower at the hotel before heading back out to grab a bite to eat at Stone’s.

Stone’s is a sports bar tucked away in the back streets of Causeway Bay, and they know how to make a burger. This burger (Burger #3, if memory serves) was unbelievable. Huge, juicy and exactly what I wanted to eat after a sweaty hike.IMG_5728They also have a great selection of imported beer. You’ll pay for it, of course, as you will anywhere in Hong Kong, but it was quite worth it in my opinion.IMG_5724Nothing much else to report on for this day, as we returned to our hotel and promptly fell into a bacon-induced coma.


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