Krabi: Day One

I don’t know if it’s because I keep moving to cool places, or if it’s because my friends just really like me a whole lot, but I have been very blessed in getting visitors abroad. Two of my good friends visited me in Busan last year, and in addition to seeing Hayley last week, Mercedes is visiting now.

She coordinated her visit with my already-booked trip to Krabi, Thailand, which is where we’ve been the past week. Holy moly, it was amazing. Our resort was beautiful, the beach was beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to log some quality time.

We arrived in the early afternoon, with the whole day still ahead of us…and enormous appetites. Where to? We took a short walk from our resort toward the beach, and happened upon this cute corner cafe. First up: fresh coconuts.


I never even used to drink coconut water at home, but I’m officially in love. Which is a little unfortunate, because I don’t think it will be nearly as fresh or cheap back in the US.

But woman cannot live on coconuts alone! Onto lunch, the star of the day, and perhaps my favorite meal of the whole trip:


I almost always order pineapple fried rice when I got out for Thai food, and also figured it would be a safer option as far as spice level was concerned. Well, I want to write a sonnet for this plate of rice because it was so.freaking.good. Little chunks of juicy pineapple, creamy cashews and flavorful chicken in every single bite, made even more perfect by a squeeze of fresh lime on top. I thought it maybe only tasted so good because I was really hungry, but I went back another couple times and confirmed that it really was just that good.

Okay, enough about the rice. Onto the beach.



After all that beach walkin’ and tree climbin’, we needed another drink. We were joined by a couple of adorable friends:


That pretty much did it for Day One. We were in bed and sleeping like babies by 8:30 (Mercedes, jetlagged; me, with a cold)!


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