Gili Trawangan

Picking up where we left off…

On Monday morning, we had an early morning pick-up for our boat ride to Gili Trawangan. I sat next to a Dutch “coffee” shop owner who told me all about his trade and kindly offered me one of his warm beers. It was 7:30 am. Yes, I was on vacation…but I think a solid rule is that you should have at least one cup of coffee before you start drinking alcohol in the morning. 

On the boat, I braved windy conditions to snap a few pictures in the open air:



And with that, I quickly ducked back inside. While the idea of sunning myself on the boat was appealing, I figured I probably didn’t need to get a head start on my sunburn before I even got to the beach.

We arrived shortly thereafter on Gili Trawangan, which, along with Gili Meno and Gili Air, makes up a trio of islands off the coast of Lombok (yet another gorgeous island in Indonesia). Gili T is the largest of the three, but is still very easy to get around. There are no cars at all on any of the three islands. Instead, you walk, bike or…


…use a good old-fashioned horse and carriage. We actually had no need for this mode of transportation during our stay, but it still was fun to see all of the horses.

Despite the fact that Trawangan is the “big” island, we were able to find our hostel just from wandering around. We had only a vague idea of where it was located and no map, yet with a little exploring (note: rolling suitcases do not fare well on dirt roads) we found it fairly quickly.



Our room is two doors down on the right.

Now. This location was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. However, with the remoteness of a location like Gili T comes certain…quirks. Fresh water is obviously a limited resource on any island, and so we took a whole lot of saltwater showers. This was assuming we had water, because one night we came home a little bit too late, and the water had been shut off for the night. Unless you’re staying in a five-star resort, actually, you can expect that such will be the case. It’s a bit of a reality check when water is something to which you don’t give much thought. I actually became homesick for my cold (freshwater) showers back in Malaysia. Who knew?

After we checked in and dropped our bags, we did exactly what anyone would do upon landing in a tropical paradise: find the beach.



No words needed.

I also was able to fulfill one of my tropical island dreams of drinking a coconut. Happy as a clam!


After lunch, we took a dip…


As blissful as it was, the sun was hot and we had gotten up very early that day. So we packed our things and headed back to our hostel for a siesta…


…but not before snapping a picture of my boat! 

It was great to wander around the island and soak up the laid-back vibe. I noticed this in traveling to both St. Martin and Belize, and it really is true: island time is slower than normal life time, even for the people not on vacation. No one is in a rush, and no one cares if you enjoy your coffee/juice/cocktail in a restaurant for 20 minutes or 2 hours. 


Next up: our day trip to Gili Meno, which somehow managed to be even more gorgeous than Gili Trawangan.


2 thoughts on “Gili Trawangan

  1. WOW!!! don’t even know where to start except to say it looks heavenly. continue having a great time ( and look for places to freshwater shower!)

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