World Kite Festival

Last weekend, we headed to Pasir Gudang for the 19th Annual World Kite Festival. Featuring representatives from over thirty countries and lasting six days, the World Kite Festival is big deal here in Malaysia. It’s an especially proud event for Johor, the state in which the festival is held (and where we live!). We went on Friday, and spent the day wandering around and admiring the display.

We saw some traditional dances…ImageImage

…and ate some good food.


This is roti canai, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite Malaysian foods. I want to say that it was cool to stand here and watch the guy make it, but honestly it was late and I was starving and probably would have eaten raw dough, if they would have sold it to me.

Earlier in the day, I had a coconut shake:


You know it’s authentic when the dude cracks the coconut open right in front of you.

One thing that I didn’t sample was this:


If you can’t tell from the photo, that is ice cream in a hot dog bun. This was not an isolated incident either. Ice cream carts all over the festival were selling both ice cream cones and ice cream buns. Go figure!

Oh yeah, in addition to cool performances and weird food, we saw some kites, too:


The kite guards, making sure to keep all the non-flyers out of the kite area. They would later abandon post to take pictures with all of the foreigners, aka me, Alex and some of his friends.


After we had had our fill of kite-watching, we headed down to the lake to relax for a bit.


As we were about to leave to take a walk around the lake, groups of people started coming up and asking to take pictures with us. Every time we tried to walk away, someone new would approach. It took us about fifteen minutes to finally escape the Malaysian paparazzi and go on our walk.

The view of a mosque across the water:


The day ended with meeting an adorable group of girls, who taught us a dance they were performing at the festival:Image

Festivals and cultural events like this are some of the best ways to experience other countries, and the World Kite Festival was no exception. I had a great time meeting new people, eating delicious food and watching everyone fly enormous kites.


4 thoughts on “World Kite Festival

  1. Squid and Skates and Spiky Light Bulbs . . . Oh My! And a hovering herd of horses too! Looks like great fun and an opening to get your excitement for writing up. And where there are kite festivals, there must be fairly predictable breezes to temper the intemperate (temperatures).

    Nice to see a view across the lake and a bit of landscape to understand your world.

    And a ice cream hot dog bun sounds a little weird, but maybe only removed from a creampuff by the replacement of a softish pastry by spongy bread.

    and how does one make a coconut shake?

    • I never thought about the ice cream bun in that way…but you do may an interesting point! The coconut shake was a mix of coconut, coconut milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (wasn’t quite brave enough for the hot dog bun).

  2. I agree- i would just eat the ice cream out of the bun- all i really want is the ice cream anyway!- those kites are amazing, cant believe how intricate they are- the squid is way cool.
    you really are the best writer ( and photographer) i feel like i am there

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