Next Stop: Malaysia

Hey everyone, and welcome to my latest blog! I was going to do a just-Malaysia blog (à la Paris and Korea, and let’s not forget about the time I tried to blog in Internet cafés during my first backpacking trip through Europe). I figured, though, that traveling is something I’m going to be doing for a long time (like, my whole life, if I can swing it), and I wanted a more generalized travel blog. Thus: the Rovin’ Rambler was born. Tara Travels was already taken, unfortunately. So was Roving Rambler, with a G.

To explain my destination, here is a sample Q&A with the average person asking me about my plans:

Q: So, Tara, what are you up to these days?

A: Well, I’m at home with my family right now, mostly hanging out, babysitting and doing a little freelance writing. But I’m moving to Malaysia with my boyfriend on February 3rd.

Q: Malaysia! Why the heck are you going there?

A: Alex got a Fulbright grant to teach English there, because he’s amazing, and I decided to go with him! Why not?

Q: But do you have a job? What if you don’t find one?

A: I don’t have a job at the moment, but I’m applying to English teaching jobs now. I already have experience teaching English, so I’m hoping that finding a job won’t be too much of a problem. As far as not finding a job, thank you so much for pointing that out to me as a possibility. It hadn’t even crossed my mind!

Q: I don’t know anything about Malaysia. What can you tell me?

Not a whole lot, actually. I know that Kuala Lumpur is the capital, and it’s hotter than hell there. It’s a largely Muslim country, with significant Indian, Chinese and Thai populations. So the food’s gotta be good, amiright?? I’m going to be living in Johor Bahru, which is right on the border of Singapore (this is where Alex was placed). I’m keeping an open mind about everything, so that I don’t have too many expectations. It’s basically how I went into Korea, and that worked out pretty well for me!

Q: Well, that sounds like quite an adventure! Are you going to write a blog again?

You betcha! You can find me at the Rovin’ Rambler, and once it’s all set up, I’ll email and Facebook it to everyone. Blogging was an excellent way to stay in touch with my friends and family at home, and I even connected with some random readers as well! I also used my blogs to get some freelance writing jobs, though I almost always have to reassure my clients that I can tone down my sarcasm for their projects.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some packing to do. I keep having dreams/premonitions about things that I’ve forgotten (like nail polish! the horror!), but then I remember them the next morning and add them to my list. Dream Tara’s got me covered! The next time we speak, I will be on the other side of the world…see you then!


4 thoughts on “Next Stop: Malaysia

  1. How exciting ! Led Zepplin’s Ramble On started playing in my head the moment I saw the title on your blog. That’s the way Aunt Chloe’s mind works. I’ll be looking forward to your always well written posts & keeping you in my prayers as always. Love you my beautiful niece !
    Aunt Chloe

  2. Tara, we had dinner with Ronnie and Karl last night and I had to ask how Alex and you were doing. Ronnie told me to Google for this site and she was right your posts are great. Tell Alex we were thinking of him and hope your both doing well. The Kellys

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